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about us

Founded by the CEO of Waba Hair and Beauty Supply & Lee's Store, a local business in Tucson, Arizona. The local business has a number of customers who undergo cancer treatment. Our CEO wanted to find a way to give back to organizations dedicated to supporting them. He discovered how many non-profit organizations struggle to raise funds so he decided organizing events provided a solution. Waba cares foundation is a unique organization, dedicated in helping non-profits who have many difficulties in fundraising, acquiring government assistance, or event planning raises funds and awareness for their causes by organizing entertaining and fashion-driven events. 



Waba Cares foundation organizes events that promote diversity and creativity while helping non-profits raise funds for their cause. It gives beauty and fashion industry professionals a platform to showcase their skills, gain exposure and experience while supporting a good cause and having a rewarding experience.

OUR goals


As an organization we strive to life as many burdens we are able to from small nonprofits from their event planing to fundraisers. In doing so we hope these organizations can focus on their missions.


Connecting is a crucial component in our mission. We strive to search and support meaningful causes. Our community is a priority to our nonprofit, which is why we push to giving back to those who give to others.


Through many of the events and services the Waba Cares Foundation hosts, we allow for many young leaders, stylists, entrepreneurs, and activists within the community the opportunity of growth and professional development.


Sean Cho

Executive Director

Owner/CEO of YCS Enterprise LLC, which embodies Waba Hair and Beauty, Lee's Store, & the Waba Cares Foundation. As his philanthropic endeavor, Sean Cho began The Waba Cares Foundation in the efforts of supporting small nonprofits, local business, and the surrounding communities and its members at large.

Nuri Castro

Digital Marketing Director

Executes and coordinates marketing campaigns for Waba Cares and Waba Hair and Beauty 

I decided to come into Waba Cares to help promote a good cause and give back to the community. A random fact about me, I'm a musical theater nerd.  

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